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Well, I'm never sleeping again.

The animation was great, and had I not been so thoroughly disturbed by the notion of Coach "Doing" a Spitter (Don't worry, that's probably just me), I would have laughed my ass off. Great job.

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Is this... The End?

Excellent work as always, Mr. O'Neill. Expert animation and fantastic humor, but what else would one expect from one of Newgrounds' most featured creators? Keep up the good work. No, no, "Good Work" is an understatement. Keep up the God work.

No, I am not just kissing up.

Maybe a little.

Still, it's good.

Pea... Gneiss?

You never fail to deliver with either the humor or the animation in your cartoons, Mr. Partridge. The almost-nudity is sheer genius, and the look on Ney'tr- Na... Nay... The chick's face is simply irreplicable. Well done, HappyHarry. Well done.

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Charming, but not the best.

I was only able to play a level or two, but I noticed some things that could use some improvement:
1) The enemies in the early levels take way too many hits to kill. Either change that or this:
2) The health ors only healed one hit point. I mean, even if your character is only up against one foe at a time, he damage just builds up too much for healing.
3) Moving left and right when you need to move left and right suddenly isn't working too great. The bad guy keep slipping from one side to the other and I can't turn quickly enough to get to him.
4) The game runs a little slowly. At least, the graphics do.

Anyway, if you make a "Protec the planet 2," try and make sure that it's not just easy and aesthetically pleasing, but really engrossing.

All in all, not too bad.


The controls weren't as responsive as they could be, and there could be a numbered timer to see how long you have till the game ends.

Very Engaging.

The design was very nice, the music was an excellent choice, and the controls and colision detection worked very nicely. Let me know when you finish this game and I will play it.

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Who's geno?

A top-notch mix. I've heard it in a flash game once, but I didn't know what it was called.
It would probably sound a whole lot better if I knew who Geno was.

Alexman159 responds:

WAit what flash game? I wasn't told about it. you don't really have to tell the maker of the song but hopefully he credited me...

Not bad.

I don't know what, but it could use something...
Anyway, all in all, not bad!
Can you do "Shut Me Up" by Mindless Self Indulgence?

Yooble responds:


Ive never heard of that song but i will have a listen to it and see what i can do for ya

Not very good.

A little transparent. It's listenable, but it's not one of the best songs I've ever heard. Keep trying.

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I do like purple...

The shading is great, the lighting has a clear source; Still, the legs look to be the same length as the torso, which throws off the anatomy, a major fundamental for any artist.

Basically, it's good, but there's room for a little improvement.

Very nice.

The lines aren't as controlled as they are in your other creations, but the impact on the overall piece is minimal. The shading on the right leg doesn't seem to have a source, and the head and neck appear to be a tad smaller than proportions allow, but the immediate is aesthetically appealing, with your trademark retro style, the background is very natural, and everything else has nothing I can remark on. Very nice.

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PixelCake responds:

I think the head only seems small because of the big, puffy hood. I sketch them naked then put clothes on them to ensure proper cartoon proportions :D
I tried to make the shading come from her front, so our side?

Thank you so much for the critique :D

Add some arms and legs, a crown, and ANGAH.

It's not too shabby. The shading is great, but I feel that the area around it is too empty space. Maybe at least some words or something.

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This account is basically closed. I made it when I was 13, and I've said a lot of things here that I don't want to associate myself with.


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